Hey there!

Welcome to The Wellness Cafe!

We are delighted to serve you savory wholesome Wellness. In our Cafe menu, we offer an array of recipes to nourish Mind, Body and Spirit; served with personalised flavours and generous doses of love.

I, Isha, the content creator, along with my husband Saurabh, tech advisor and chief editor, will make sure the coffee is always brewing!!

I am a Wellness aficionado and a Fashion designer, driven by a passion to instill a quest for holistic well-being in all.

Don’t we aspire to live a balanced, fulfilled life where we can realize our optimum potential? Well, the key to that lies in our Wellness quotient. Do we know that wellness has seven interdependent dimensions; physical, emotional, social, spiritual, intellectual, occupational and environmental?

And we should nurture all, in order to live a life of true happiness.

So Hop on for an exciting journey into Wellness!!