2020? Bring It On!

What an unimaginable year!

But let’s not miss it’s bright side!

This is a year which will go down in History for not just bringing about the most widespread pandemic mankind has experienced in an entire century, but also for the sweeping changes it has brought about in our way of life. These are changes that are altering the course of humanity and are ushering us once again towards the possibility of a better Earth.

There couldn’t possibly be a single person, right from the impoverished to the most privileged, who has not been impacted by the pandemic. There has been an impact in all facets of life, and most importantly in our perspective. Just as every dark cloud has a silver lining, 2020 has brought with it a lot of learning along with painful realizations and suffering.

Without doubt, we will emerge stronger and wiser when the storm passes by.

A new, splendid dawn awaits us if we can imbibe the lessons 2020 is serving us with…..


We human beings love being in control. We get consumed in planning out minute details of how our future and also the planet’s future should look like. One thing we hate is relinquishing authority. But it took an invisible virus to wreak havoc upon the entire planet and make us realize that we are as vulnerable as all other beings are.

Confronting one hard truth would give us lasting peace. It is this: we are powerless in front of the mighty Nature and also against the wheels of Time and Destiny.

We are not promised the Future and we have not been given the powers to look into it. What we have been given though, is the power to direct our energies towards an outcome of our choice. So the action is in our control, but its time we let go of needing to control the result!

This brings us to where our authentic power lies: in the Present. The ‘present moment’ is all we have been promised. This wondrous moment, pulsating with life itself, this beautiful ‘Now’ filled with endless possibilities and miracles is always ours!

The pandemic has made us realize our limitations, our finiteness, but at the same time has opened up our eyes to the value of this sparkling ‘present moment’, which we would often underestimate and take for granted. This event has taught us that the future is not predictable, and all we can do is live fully in the ‘Now’.

What a fabulous realization that is!


We were each running a race, propelled by our goals and wants. We didn’t realize that in our quest for bettering our tomorrow, we had traded-off much of the present. So it became routine for us to hurriedly pass by the fresh flowers in the garden without stopping to soak up their fragrance, it was alright to not prioritize mindful walks amidst nature because the calendar was full of things to do and it was usual to gulp down the coffee without really savouring the aroma or the taste.

But the pandemic forced us to a grinding halt. It compelled us to cease all activity and slow down the pace of our lives. And reflect. Reflect on our priorities, on the things that we really need to feel happy and fulfilled. A vast majority of people learnt how to derive happiness from the small activities of day-to-day living. They understood the value of simply living life without the pressures of deadlines and of running the never-ending race.

So the pandemic has taught us some life-altering lessons, such as to:

  • stop running too fast and live a balanced life
  • value the small pleasures of life
  • derive joy and meaning from simple activities
  • appreciate and spend time with nature
  • be more grateful for being alive
  • value relationships and nurture them
  • focus on creating spiritual abundance, not just material wealth


So our major takeaways from 2020 have being these; we cannot predict our future, we only have power over the present, and we have limited time on the planet after all. With these truths staring in our eyes, it is difficult not to think about our ‘purpose’.

Why are we here after all? Could we possibly be just a whim of the Creator, or have we been given this marvellous body with a finite lifespan to fulfill a unique purpose?

By studying Nature and observing the mysteries of this Universe, we can know for sure that nothing exists in a vacuum; everything has usefulness and a reason for its existence. And the same applies to us!

Gladly, many people are getting in touch with their inner selves and finding their purpose. They are realizing that they do not have forever to fulfill their ‘soul’ purpose, for which they are here. They are putting to use their talents and skills to make the world a better place, without waiting for tomorrow.

What is your purpose? Has the pandemic stirred up something in you that has led you to helping fellow human beings in need, through charity, compassion or other any means?

Are you being guided towards fulfilling your life’s purpose?

A lot is shifting on our planet. While there is obvious suffering presently, we need to have faith and hold on; to our hopes for a better tomorrow, a kinder human race, a restored planet and a promising future for the generations to come.

And we have a key role to play in making this happen!

As the wise ones have said,

Change begins with ‘You!’

Photo by Joshua Earle on Unsplash

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