Wellness-Boosting Careers: An Upcoming Reality

Do What You Love and Love What You Do.-Unknown Work constitutes a major part of most people’s adult life. It is crucial, therefore, not to neglect health and wellness at the workplace. Many people find themselves stuck in jobs which either do not excite them or fail to bring out the best in them. In … Continue reading Wellness-Boosting Careers: An Upcoming Reality

2020? Bring It On!

What an unimaginable year! But let's not miss it's bright side! This is a year which will go down in History for not just bringing about the most widespread pandemic mankind has experienced in an entire century, but also for the sweeping changes it has brought about in our way of life. These are changes … Continue reading 2020? Bring It On!

‘Social Distancing’-It’s not ‘Human Distancing’

Like a number of other people, I also dislike the term 'Social Distancing' and prefer 'Physical Distancing' instead. While this term essentially is about maintaining a safe distance from others to stop or slow down the transmission rate of the pandemic, some unintentionally connect it with 'social isolation'. This has sadly, in some cases, led … Continue reading ‘Social Distancing’-It’s not ‘Human Distancing’