Wellness-Boosting Careers: An Upcoming Reality

Do What You Love and Love What You Do.-Unknown Work constitutes a major part of most people’s adult life. It is crucial, therefore, not to neglect health and wellness at the workplace. Many people find themselves stuck in jobs which either do not excite them or fail to bring out the best in them. In … Continue reading Wellness-Boosting Careers: An Upcoming Reality

‘Social Distancing’-It’s not ‘Human Distancing’

Like a number of other people, I also dislike the term 'Social Distancing' and prefer 'Physical Distancing' instead. While this term essentially is about maintaining a safe distance from others to stop or slow down the transmission rate of the pandemic, some unintentionally connect it with 'social isolation'. This has sadly, in some cases, led … Continue reading ‘Social Distancing’-It’s not ‘Human Distancing’

Golden Milk: Grandmama’s Remedy Goes Global

It rose to become the most popular drink of 2016, the year it made an impactful debut in mainstream cafes across America and Australia. This unique beverage with a soothing earthy taste, promising health benefits and compelling ochre hue garnered some well-deserved attention. Soon, it was an Instagram darling, requiring absolutely no filters! Eventually, it … Continue reading Golden Milk: Grandmama’s Remedy Goes Global

The Earth is Healing! How We can Pledge our Support

The Earth is healing, and how! Carbon emissions have fallen sharply, the largest hole in the protective Ozone layer has closed, and global air quality has improved visibly. The waters are clearer, the environment is quieter and our co-existence with other species is more palpable; be it in the now audible chirping of birds every … Continue reading The Earth is Healing! How We can Pledge our Support

Stay Fit as A Fiddle: 4 Amazing Home Workouts

Do we realize that the otherwise underrated form of exercise, namely Walking, is now hugely absent from most our lives ever since the pandemic struck us? Normally, an average adult leading a moderately active life walks around 5000 to 7000 steps a day, averaging around 2.5 miles or 4 kilometres. That, to quite an extent, … Continue reading Stay Fit as A Fiddle: 4 Amazing Home Workouts

Self Love: A Lockdown Journey

Self-love has varied expressions and meanings but it is very much inculcated in every human being. We all have our ways to keep the “self” happy. Be it taking good care of the exterior self like getting pampered in a salon, dressing up, travelling to new places or just indulging in a cup of great … Continue reading Self Love: A Lockdown Journey

2020? Bring It On!

What an unimaginable year! But let's not miss it's bright side! This is a year which will go down in History for not just bringing about the most widespread pandemic mankind has experienced in an entire century, but also for the sweeping changes it has brought about in our way of life. These are changes … Continue reading 2020? Bring It On!